How to Stop losing hair


How to stop losing hair?

This article will review the methods and treatments for hair loss according to the 
traditional chinese approach combined with the latest westen technological advancement.

Chinese medicine has developed over thousands of years and has many remedies for the problem of hair thinning or hair loss both for men and women. Several acupuncture treatments combined with chinese herbs has proven to stop hair loss and even reverse the situation and grow new hair.

In any given moment 10% of the hair follicle are in resting state. After two or three month of being in this state, the hair starts to fall out and new hair begins to replace its place. Each haie grows a centimeter  a month. The drop off of several hunderd hair ina day is a completely normal part of the cycle, however there are people who experience execcsive hair loss. These people are seeing what is being called as a alopecia. What men call Baldness is charactarized by hair loss at the crown and the front of the head. In females, the hair is becoming more and more thinner at the scalp.

Beyond changes that occur in normal life, there are quite a few factors that accelrate hair loss, for example severe diet, pregnancy, trauma and mental stresst, poor nutriiton , low blood pressure, disruptions in the htyroid, heredity factors and use of specific medications.

Chinese treatment works locally on the scalp, improves blood supply and energy to the scalp while cleaning the various pollutants , excees fat, and rattling. The treatment combines topical forumlations, special lotions and creams containing special vitamins and substances improving the health of the hair follcile.

So what is the Chinese treatments for hair loss?

Accordance with the understanding of baldness factors and Chinese diagnostics you will need about 10 acupuncture treatments to help strengthen the organs that support the head hair. At the same time the therapist locates the cause of the rapid drop formation and help undo the results.
Treatment will include:
Weekly acupuncture treatments during the two months
Daily use of Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional supplements
Using external preparations
Appropriate nutrition adjusting patient
Self-care with Hmzorolr (see below)

Chinese herbal formula
Recommended to combine Chinese Formula course after diagnosis, and complete polling. Most effective formula, my experience is SILKEN STRESSES of Cannes plants. Excellent formula for hair loss treatment in a classic case of liver blood deficiency, kidney yin deficiency and liver blood nourishes, enriches yin kidneys, strengthens tendons, bones and stabilizes extracts.
The formula for centuries, traditionally used to treat premature hair Bhafrat.
Formula significantly improves growth strong bones, tendons and hair. It is suitable for cases of premature graying of hair or hair loss, weakness and pain in the lower back and knees, spontaneous or nocturnal emission of semen, loss of teeth, weak bones, anxiety, nervousness, fear.

Nutrition strengthen hair
Diet, according to the Western approach, should be based on carbohydrate-filled and vegetables. Be sure to eat two types of fruit a day and buy fresh meat only. Better to reduce the consumption of meat and eat substitutes soy and legumes provide vegetable protein. Important to avoid lubricants industrial and using margarine and prefer the faces oils made from cold-pressed.
According to Chinese tradition, foods that can strengthen hair and give him back the color and shine are various algae (mainly Hig'yaki), black beans and wheat grass, they have the ability to strengthen blood intensity. Various kinds of beans, dark green vegetables, fish, liver, bone marrow, dairy products, sprouts, almonds, seeds, grains and nuts - all of which will strengthen and clean the liver blood, strengthen the kidneys and spleen and nourish the hair.